A beautiful autumn poem in German

I harvested my pears. While picking the pears from the tree I remembered a German poem that I learned in school. It is not spoken in High German but Platdeutsch, which is a dialect in the Northern parts of Germany. This poem was written by Theodor Fontane. The poem is about a generous Earl whoContinue reading “A beautiful autumn poem in German”

German folk song with English translation

This song is an anonymous German folk song. It is about the beautiful May, when everything is blossoming. I would like to share this song with you. The German song and its English translation were published in the Penguin Book of German Verse. The month May is one of the most beautiful months in theContinue reading “German folk song with English translation”

Reasons why you need an interpreter for delicate issues

At present, I am working for a compliance hotline. Some words e.g. workplace violations are difficult to translate into German. Violation cannot be translated into ‘Verletzungen’‘ in this context. This translation would indicate, that somebody is deeply emotionally hurt or suffered a physical assault. Since this word kept popping up in every second conversation, IContinue reading “Reasons why you need an interpreter for delicate issues”

Why it is so difficult to translate proverbs and idioms?

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. I watched Shaun the sheep with my children on Kika. This is the acronym for Kinderkabel, a German TV channel for children. The translation into German did not make any sense in my mother tongue. However, we have a similar proverb in German, thatContinue reading “Why it is so difficult to translate proverbs and idioms?”