My favourite German dish- Mein deutsches Lieblingsgericht

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

Whenever I am homesick I cook or bake German dishes.

Yesterday I made German potato pancakes. I served them with homemade apple sauce. I used the apples from our garden.

If you would like to have a go try out the recipe in the provided link:

Eating keeps body and soul together.


Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus

Wenn ich Heimweh habe, backe oder koche ichdeutsche Gerichte. Gestern habe ich Reibeplätzchen oder auch Kartoffelpuffergenannt gemacht. Ich habe dazu hausgemachten Apfelmus serviert. Ich habe Äpfel aus unserem Garten dazu verwendet. Falls Sie dieses Rezept selber einmal ausprobieren möchten, finden Sie die Kochanleitung unter folgendem Link:

Essen hält Leib und Seele zusammen.

Guten Appetit!

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A beautiful autumn poem in German

I harvested my pears. While picking the pears from the tree I remembered a German poem that I learned in school. It is not spoken in High German but Platdeutsch, which is a dialect in the Northern parts of Germany. This poem was written by

Theodor Fontane.

The poem is about a generous Earl who knew that his son was mean. In his forsight he ordered that a pear would be put into his coffin. When the pear tree grew on his grave all the boys and girls could pick the pears and eat them.

The official translation of this poem into English and other languages can be found on this website:

Your good deeds will live on. Nobody can undo them.

This is a powerful message that this poem conveys.

Autumn is a beautiful season when the leaves are in terracotta colours.

Isle of Sheppey

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

Last weekend, we visited the Isle of Sheppey. You can admire the coastal landscape, the flying birds and look at the cloud play. The weather was magnificent and we were able to circumnavigate the petrol crisis in England.

You are allowed to park your camper van alongside the sea wall of some beaches free of charge. The long beach is inviting you to all sorts of activities. We saw people having a barbecue, people trying out motorised paragliding and others flying kites.

The island is steeped in history. The island was occupied by the Romans, the Vikings, the Saxons and the Dutch. They all left their imprint behind.

In 1909, the first aeroplanes were manufactured here. Winston Churchill took his first flying lessons on this island.

Apart from that, you can visit a bird sanctuary and a nature reserve. When going there you should not forget your a pair of…

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About my job as a telephone interpreter

My job as a telephone interpreter is varied and interesting.

I have dealings with compliance agencies, travel companies, roadside assistance, healthcare providers and chemical emergency helplines.

There are many more companies that subscribe to our services.

I need to know medical, legal and general terms in order to do my job proficiently.

However, I often have to spell names, locations and email addresses.

I use the NATO Phonetic Alphabet to spell names to English speaking customers.

I use the German Phonetic Alphabet for the German speaking customers.

However, there are different German phonetic alphabets available.

The Swiss, the Germans and the Austrians have slightly different versions.

The most common German one is the Din 5009 phonetic alphabet

If you would like to have an overview you can use this table below as reference.

Phonetic alphabet systems are extremely useful on the phone. The sound quality can be at times compromised. But the quoting of phonetic alphabets is more accurate than just listing the letters individually.

Find out more about phonetic alphabets on these websites:

International phonetic alphabet systems were originally used in military and medical settings. The radiotelephony procedure has been predominantly used in order to avoid errors that could be fatal.

Even nowadays, these international phonetic alphabet systems are handy especially during the pandemic.

My job as a telephone interpreter has been rewarding. When arranging medical appointments abroad I might have saved some lives.

free German powerpoints

Free teaching materials for German teachers

Language worksheets for you

I produced these powerpoints for my adult learner. He is at beginner’s level.

Arranging meeting requires the learner to know the numbers up to ‘100’ and the German alphabet. Therefore, I included revision slides.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on

My aim is to increase the learner’s confidence to communicate in the target language.

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My year 9 German homework booklet will be out soon

Ideal for German teachers

Language worksheets for you

You can preorder it under the following link:

This booklet is a real timesaver for teachers.

My booklet is aimed at secondary school children learning German in their third year.

I attach a screenshot with the feedback of experienced teachers.

You can order the resource now. It will be available within the next few months.

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Flowers, flowers, flowers – Blumen, Blumen, Blumen

Just pretty

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

This week is British Flower Week. That is, why I would like to show you my garden photos. Everything is blooming.

Diese Woche findet die britischeBlumenwoche statt.Deshalb möchte ich Ihnen / Euch meine Gartenfotos zeigen. Alles steht in Blüte.

More on this website – Mehr auf dieser Webseite:

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