Flowers, flowers, flowers – Blumen, Blumen, Blumen

Just pretty

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

This week is British Flower Week. That is, why I would like to show you my garden photos. Everything is blooming.

Diese Woche findet die britischeBlumenwoche statt.Deshalb möchte ich Ihnen / Euch meine Gartenfotos zeigen. Alles steht in Blüte.

More on this website – Mehr auf dieser Webseite:

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Worksheets for German A-level teachers

My German A level worksheets in so far


I have created all these worksheets for German A-level teachers.

You can look at the inspection copy and order them on this website:

My teaching resources are authentic and cover contemporary topics in the German society. The topics are related to concerns, that young people experience.

There are some more worksheets on the way. I will let you know once they are published.

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Typically British – Typisch britisch

Find out more about the British

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

In my free time and whilst on call out I pursue my hobbies. I was given this jigsaw at Christmas. I completed it in May 2021. I like this picture, because it is nostalgic. Of course, it does not depict the reality. However, it embodies British values.

English village life – englisches Dorfleben

In meiner Freizeit und wenn ich Bereitschaftsdienst mache, gehe ich meinen Hobbys nach. Mir wurde zu Weihnachten dieses Puzzle gegeben. Ich habe es im Mai 2021 fertiggestellt. Ich mag dieses Puzzle, weil es nostalgisch ist. Natürlich entspricht dieses Bild nicht der Realität. Dennoch verkörpert es britsche Werte.

A couple of years ago, I went to the Knit & Stitch Show at Alexandra Palace in London. There I purchased a stitch kit outlining humourously the British tea theme.

Tea Stitch Design – Teestickdesign

Vor ein paar Jahren ging ich zur Knit & Stitch Show zum AlexandraPalast in…

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Inspiring Creativity – Inspirierende Kreativität

Kindness goes a long way.

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

It seems that some people have plenty of time at hand. They enlighten our area with acts of kindness. Their creativity makes us all happier in difficult times.

Es hat den Anschein, dass einige Menschen viel Zeit zur Verfügung haben. Sie bringen Frohsinn in unsere Gegend  durch nette Gesten. Ihre Kreativität macht uns alle glücklicher in diesen schwierigen Zeiten.

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German folk song with English translation

This sing is anonymous German folk song. It is about the beautiful May, when everything is blossoming. I would like to share this song with you.

sung by Zupfgeigenhansel
sung by me
English translation spoken by me

The German song and its English translation were published in the Penguin Book of German Verse.

advertisement, commissions earned

The month May is one of the most beautiful months in the year.

Blue Bell Woods in England

My first audio book for German learners is available

My first podcast in German


I developed a teaching resource for German A-level students in the UK.

The topic is the refugee crisis in Germany. Further topics are: immigration, integration, reunification.

The publishing company is ZigZag Education Ltd in Bristol.

The title of the booklet is Wahlheimat Deutschland.

You can order the audio recording plus the booklet under the following link:

This resource contains listening, reading comprehension and translation tasks.

Answers are also provided.

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My crochet project – Mein Häkelprojekt

German – English blog post about granny squares

Crochet and Knitting - Häkeln und Stricken

I tried to create a granny square blanket with squares. Each square had to be different. This is the outcome.

Ich versuchte, eine Granny Square- Decke mit Quadraten zu gestalten. Dabei sollte jedes Quadrat unterschiedlich sein. Hier ist nun das Resultat.

How to make a Granny Square blanket? Watch this video clip to find out.

Wie wird nun eine Granny Square-Decke gehäkelt? Schauen Sie sich diesen Videoclip an, um es herauszufinden.

It is always good to start with a small project before venturing into a big one.

Es ist immer gut, wenn man mit einem kleinen Projekt anfängt, bevor man sich an große Projekte herantraut.

As you become more experienced, you can add more variations. I had only four different colours. But I changed the size of the squares and the number of rows that I made in one colour.

Wenn Sie geschickter werden, können Sie mehrere Kombinationen ausprobieren. Mir…

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Half a life – Ein halbes Leben

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

I have been living in England since 1992. Two years I lived in both countries. In 1994 I moved permanently to England. In 2017 I became British. I kept my German nationality. Now I am a German Brit or a British German. The time seems to run by faster, when you are getting older.

Seit 1992 lebe ich in England. Zwei Jahre lebte ich in beiden Ländern. Im Jahre 1994 zog ich für immer nach England. Im Jahre2017 wurde ich britisch. Ich habe meine deutsche Nationalität beibehalten. Nun bin ich eine deutsche Britin oder eine britische Deutsche.Es scheint, dass die Zeit schneller vergeht, wenn man älter wird.

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