A beautiful autumn poem in German

I harvested my pears. While picking the pears from the tree I remembered a German poem that I learned in school. It is not spoken in High German but Platdeutsch, which is a dialect in the Northern parts of Germany. This poem was written by

Theodor Fontane.

The poem is about a generous Earl who knew that his son was mean. In his forsight he ordered that a pear would be put into his coffin. When the pear tree grew on his grave all the boys and girls could pick the pears and eat them.

The official translation of this poem into English and other languages can be found on this website: https://www.vonribbeck.de/ribbeck-international/

Your good deeds will live on. Nobody can undo them.

This is a powerful message that this poem conveys.

Autumn is a beautiful season when the leaves are in terracotta colours.

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3 thoughts on “A beautiful autumn poem in German

  1. Das Gedicht kenne ich nur dem Titel nach. Ich habe es nie ganz gelesen oder gehoert. Was fuer eine Bildungsluecke! ­čśŽ Danke fuer den Link.
    Hab’ ein feines Wochenende,

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