Isle of Sheppey

My life in England - Mein Leben in England

Last weekend, we visited the Isle of Sheppey. You can admire the coastal landscape, the flying birds and look at the cloud play. The weather was magnificent and we were able to circumnavigate the petrol crisis in England.

You are allowed to park your camper van alongside the sea wall of some beaches free of charge. The long beach is inviting you to all sorts of activities. We saw people having a barbecue, people trying out motorised paragliding and others flying kites.

The island is steeped in history. The island was occupied by the Romans, the Vikings, the Saxons and the Dutch. They all left their imprint behind.

In 1909, the first aeroplanes were manufactured here. Winston Churchill took his first flying lessons on this island.

Apart from that, you can visit a bird sanctuary and a nature reserve. When going there you should not forget your a pair of…

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